Success: CNF Outdoors exposed by BBC Wales

Robinho Outdoors

You may remember my review on CNF Outdoors from January 2016, where I purchased a sleeping bag that I never received and had to threaten the company with all sorts before finally getting a refund. It was only after a read other horror stories online, I realised I wasn’t the only person to receive such a shoddy service. I eventually got a refund and decided to publish an article to help people get their money back.

I never realised how popular my article would be, with over 3,000 views and several comments. I helped tens of hundreds of people with guidance on how to arrange a charge back through their bank and how to report dodgy traders to Trading Standards.

CNF Outdoors moved from Nottingham to Wales and this was ultimitely the beginning of the end for CNF Outdoors. Back in January, a year after I posted the article, I…

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Navigating with a smart phone

Navigating on the hills with a smartphone has become quite a contentious subject and there are a lot of misconceptions around how GPS works on a smartphone. In this article, I aim to explain how to safely navigate with your phone and at the same time, debunk some of the myths I often see mentioned on social media. Firstly, I can't stress … Continue reading Navigating with a smart phone

Life after the Munros and the bagging epiphany.

I recently read Ed Byrne's piece 'Confessions of a Munro-bagger' and having compleated the Munros myself, I found myself nodding and smiling in agreement. But the dust has long since settled on my Munro compleation on a cold, damp Ciste Dhubh back in September 2014. I have since found myself naturally moving onto the Corbetts, but something wasn't quite right, I couldn't put … Continue reading Life after the Munros and the bagging epiphany.