The Lochaber Traverse

The weather gods were smiling upon Scotland, a ridge of high pressure had finally arrived. The small penalty was a rather nippy easterly breeze, but it was still good summit camping weather if you can put up with a bit of wind. I was already in the West Highlands and Stephen was coming up to …

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A Ridge Too Far – A Winter Epic!

Back in February 2011 I learnt a valuable lesson. Phil and I totally underestimated two classic Munros in the Mamores. Relatively inexperienced, we also overestimated our own winter mountain skills. Either one of us could have been carried out by Mountain Rescue, injured or worse still. Dave who accompanied us was far more experienced, he must have wondered how …

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Navigating with a smart phone

Navigating on the hills with a smartphone has become quite a contentious subject and there are a lot of misconceptions around how GPS works on a smartphone. In this article, I aim to explain how to safely navigate with your phone and at the same time, debunk some of the myths I often see mentioned on social media. Firstly, I can't stress …

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